Breche Puiseux

The Glacier des Periades with Col du Tacul (left) and Brech Puiseux (right)Well, the end is near. Seems long enough to me, given the snow this year. There haven't been too many storms during my stay so the skiing has been less than inspiring at times. Still, it's been pretty damn awesome and Chamonix has lived up to the hype for sure.

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Grand Paradiso, Italia

An early summer in Chamonix continues to be eminent. Warm temps and the lack of precipitation make skiing objectives less attractive. Some climbing may be in order for me before my departure on May 2. That said, I received an invite from my guide friend, Jean, for another adventure over in Italia. He has two clients in town with designs on Mt. Blanc and they need some acclimatization and touring miles before that happens.

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Mt. Blanc du Tacul

Pat and I had time for one more outing before he had to leave to guide a client on the Ortler Tour in Italy. Both of us had designs on summiting Mt. Blanc and thought that doing the classic traverse would be the way to go. This route starts at the top of the Midi and hits the tops of Mt. Blanc du Tacul, Mt. Maudit and, finally, the MB. This covers significant linear distance as well as the obvious vertical.

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Couloir du Capucin

The approach to the Col du Tacul, dead aheadIt’s great to have game partners and my friend Pat is at least that and quite capable and fit, too. He’s between guiding gigs right now and eager to get out above Chamonix to ski and climb anything. We had some friends ski a line from the Col du Tacul and said it was fun so we headed off there.

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The Cosmique Double

Below the Midi, Cosmique hut dead ahead.I’ve been in Chamonix just a touch over a month now and I’m feeling more settled. I’ve met more of the locals and have been out skiing with some of them. It’s been super fun having access to local knowledge. Chamonix is completely intimidating until you figure some of this stuff out. That happens a lot faster with some inside info.

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