Beyond Good and Evil

North Face, l'Aiguille des Pelerins, Chamonix, FranceLong before I was a ski alpinist I was a climber. I still am. Actually, I love all the games we play in the mountains. For various reasons, I've always been an average player in these games but, like many of us, love to read about the elite and their antics in the alpine.

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Feeling Desperate

Making the most of the fading Lane GlacierThe weeks pass and the big storm continues to avoid AK. The temps are right for something good but the clear days persist. Mat and I are still getting out but our tolerance for walking over shitty boulders is starting to wear thin. We've taken to just touring for the sake of scoping terrain but are Jonesing for some real turns.

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Winter 2014-15 - First Salvo

The Talkeetna Mountains, AKAs my late ski partner, Steve Romeo, liked to say, there are two seasons in my life....winter and waiting for winter. I love that and think of him whenever the snow flies. That's a good thing. Up here in AK, winter has been creeping upon us more slowly than is typical. We've had snow up high but temps have remained warm this fall. It's made for some good hiking but I'm getting impatient for winter to arrive in full.

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2014 Alyeska Climbathon

The end of the summer has been busy with work and moving into a condo I decided to purchase. I know. That sounds crazy. Many felt I would never stay in Alaska, being perpetually homesick for the Tetons. But I spend at least 50 hours a week at my job and I tend to like this one so I think I’ll stay for a bit. I’m not one to plan too far into the future but I decided that having my own place to base from makes sense. The other thing I noticed is that if I don’t go back to Jackson too often, I forget how great it is.

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Wolverine - Mount Elliot Traverse

With MMR behind me I can finally relax a bit and get into the mountains for some fun and adventure. Alaska's been experiencing a pretty nice summer with dry days on end that encourage travel up high. Anchorage is close to awesome ridge cruising and trail running. I thought I'd do a few posts about some of my favorites to showcase what we have and give a sort of reference for others curious about what's involved.

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