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Northern Exposure

Sunburst Ridge, Turnagain Pass, AKIn spite of the grim, dry and warm weather around Anchorage so far this winter, the precipitation has been pumping through the Kenai Penninsula and dumping snow up high. The road is still mostly dry requiring some walking through the alders to get to the goods but at least there's skiing. However, the funky weather patterns have created some sketchy deep layers that shed some light on the realities of Alaska skiing that I think are worth discussing. Slick rain crusts and buried surface hoar are currently persistant worries for all who venture up there.

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Giving Thanks

Hatcher PassI’ve heard people familiar with Alaska say that “she’s” like a bipolar girlfriend. When she’s good, she’s awesome but when she’s depressed, well, she’s pretty damn intolerable. These past 10 days, or so, this beotch has been in a foul mood, one not conducive to psyching up the local skiers up here. Oh, she was awesome over the Thanksgiving weekend, that’s for sure. But we’ve had way too many days of freezing rain and drizzle even up in the mountains. I’m not ready to break up yet but I’m thinking about sleeping in the other bedroom.

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Sportiva Spitfire Review (updated)

North Couloir, Tanaina Peak, Chugach, AK - photo: Mat BruntonThe insane run of high pressure finally comes to an end today and, as the clouds moved in, I realized I would finally get to write something. Some good days have been had and I’ll share those in the next few days but first I wanted to get a review out on my Sportiva Spitfire boots.

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All I Want For Christmas

Dustin Lemke nearing the top of the Ford Couloir, GTWell, the Tetons finally screamed loud enough that I hear them 3,000 miles away. Got a text from Dina today saying she needed a snorkel on Wimpy’s. Three day storm, lot’s of coverage, the usual Jackson goodness.

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Seattle Ridge from Tincan, Turnagain Pass, AKI doubt anyone in the lower 48 has noticed but somebody pressed the “HOLD” button on winter up here in Alaska. If I hear one more time what an epic winter they had LAST winter I’m gonna punch someone in the nose. I mean, it just doesn’t matter now. I want it to start snowing again….soon.

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