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Tech Bindings for Steep Skiing

No time to be worrying about your bindingsI guess it's time to end the silence on these pages. Funny how the blog-scape has changed with the times. It seems that peoples' attention spans have shortened and now folks gravitate toward short hits of adventure and related gear stories. I'm guilty of gravitating to Instagram myself. But ideas continue to percolate in my brain and I'm finally feeling motivated enough to share some thoughts. Hell, it costs me $15/month just to have this site active so I might as well contribute. Hopefully, someone is still reading.

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Plum Race 145 Bindings - first impressions

There is no arguing the fact that ski mountaineering racing is a gear-intensive pursuit. The equipment is highly specialized and there is a small segment of the ski industry dedicated to developing gear for racing. As the sport grows we are seeing more niche companies entering the fray and grabbing a piece of the market. Much of this gear and the technology used to create it has started trickling back to mainstream skiers.

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