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Emelie and Kilian Dominate Mount Marathon 2015

Start line, Women, 2015 Mount MarathonThose us paying attention were not surprised by the crushing performances of Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg at this year's MMR. However, to speak locally of this likely outcome leading up to the race was near heresy in this part of the world. Alaskans are proud of their athletes and are particularly possessive of this iconic race. There was plenty of grumbling about these "outsiders" coming up before hand. Alaskans love their stars and simply didn't want to see them humbled by foreigners. Not exactly xenophobic behavior but, really, just local pride. But when both winning athletes demonstrated the kind of humility, grace and astonishing athleticism they possess, well, most folks up here couldn't help but love it. 

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Wolverine - Mount Elliot Traverse

With MMR behind me I can finally relax a bit and get into the mountains for some fun and adventure. Alaska's been experiencing a pretty nice summer with dry days on end that encourage travel up high. Anchorage is close to awesome ridge cruising and trail running. I thought I'd do a few posts about some of my favorites to showcase what we have and give a sort of reference for others curious about what's involved.

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2013 Alyeska Climbathon

Plan, prepare, execute. That was my approach to last week’s Alyeska Climbathon. It went ridiculously to plan and almost went even better than I could’ve hoped…almost.

I apologize for taking so long getting this out. I was pretty crushed after the event, utterly drained and I even caught a nasty cold for my effort. Sucked heavily. With empty legs and a stuffy head I wasn't in mood to write anything. Onward.

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Gaming the Alyeska Climbathon

The Alyeska Climbathon is tomorrow and I’ve a score to settle. Last year I ran and trudged my way to 11 laps, which earned me second place. I did about 23,000 vertical of climbing in 9 hours and 10 minutes. I had 10 hours to race but it looked unlikely for me to finish another lap so the organizer called it for me.

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Autumn Teton Running - The Video

The previous post high lighted a great day in the Tetons last week with frequent partners Andy Dorais and Nate Brown. In spite of his insane schedule and general sleep-deprived state, Andy always seems to kick out a great little video of his adventures. This one is no different. I'm glad I was along so I can relive the day whenever I want. Enjoy!

Autumn Running in the Tetons from andy dorais on Vimeo