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Summer Distractions

I haven't been writing much for the last few weeks as news worthy events have been slim. One interesting opportunity that came to pass recently was that two friends and I bought a small, dry cabin on the Kenai. It should serve as a perfect base camp for ski, hiking and mountain bike adventures. The drive from town has always been a bit of a buzz kill for me so now we can eliminate some of the commute for multi-day excursions. We're putting in new windows and cleaning up the yard but otherwise the place is ready to go. Stay tuned for more on that. One thing is for sure, if you told me a year ago I'd own a condo and a cabin in Alaska I'd have shot coffee out my nose (at least, if I was drinking coffee at the time). 

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Wolverine - Mount Elliot Traverse

With MMR behind me I can finally relax a bit and get into the mountains for some fun and adventure. Alaska's been experiencing a pretty nice summer with dry days on end that encourage travel up high. Anchorage is close to awesome ridge cruising and trail running. I thought I'd do a few posts about some of my favorites to showcase what we have and give a sort of reference for others curious about what's involved.

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Bold Peak

After enjoying one of the sunniest and warmest early summers in 35 years, south central Alaska has returned to its usual rainy summer self. In fact, August was one of the wettest in history. Awesome. So, I thought I’d put up a quick post from better days when the sun was high and temps warm. This was a great day on a big Chugach summit.

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Grudge Rematch

Google Earth graphic of the day's objective.Since I’ve failed to get my partners motivated for a proper alpine start up here in AK, I decided to have one myself on Saturday. The season is rapidly coming to an end with temps in the 70s this weekend. But I wanted to finish the season with a grudge rematch on the line I took a fall on not too long ago.

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Alaska Late Winter Hits - Volume 3

The gem of the Chugach Front Range - Ptarmigan PeakThe last installment of early spring fun involves the obvious prize, Ptarmigan Peak and some other lines of desire down the road.

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