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Dave Rosenbarger 1976-2015

Goddamn it's been a tough few months for the ski alpinism community. We've lost some of our best and my heroes keep falling. Today, Dave Rosenbarger died high above the Hellbroner on the Italian side of Mont Blanc near Chamonix.

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Beyond Good and Evil

North Face, l'Aiguille des Pelerins, Chamonix, FranceLong before I was a ski alpinist I was a climber. I still am. Actually, I love all the games we play in the mountains. For various reasons, I've always been an average player in these games but, like many of us, love to read about the elite and their antics in the alpine.

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Surviving Chamonix

Reentry complete. I’m back to work. Doesn’t feel like I was gone that long. The transition from ski bum to working stiff was strangely painless. But I profoundly miss the excitement I felt each morning waking up in my flat, looking out of one of the roof windows and peering straight up at the summit of Mt. Blanc, wondering what the day would bring. I’d make a quick trip down to my bakery for a chocolate croissant and baguette. The walk back ascended steeply to my flat with the Bossons icefall tumbling down directly above. It’s hard to believe people can live within a stone’s throw of such severe alpine topography. But there I was living and breathing it everyday.

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Breche Puiseux

The Glacier des Periades with Col du Tacul (left) and Brech Puiseux (right)Well, the end is near. Seems long enough to me, given the snow this year. There haven't been too many storms during my stay so the skiing has been less than inspiring at times. Still, it's been pretty damn awesome and Chamonix has lived up to the hype for sure.

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Mt. Blanc du Tacul

Pat and I had time for one more outing before he had to leave to guide a client on the Ortler Tour in Italy. Both of us had designs on summiting Mt. Blanc and thought that doing the classic traverse would be the way to go. This route starts at the top of the Midi and hits the tops of Mt. Blanc du Tacul, Mt. Maudit and, finally, the MB. This covers significant linear distance as well as the obvious vertical.

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