Training Log - December 27-January 2

So, that's a wrap. This week concludes seven weeks of focused training in preparation for my first skimo race of the year. Looking back on other seasons this has been the most directed and purposeful preparation I have undergone in the sport. Certainly, the act of recording and publishing my training in a public forum has generated some of that focus.

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Light and Fast - Introduction

As promised, here is the first of a few posts on getting around the back country fast. As I wrote it I realized it was going to be lengthy so I decided to break it up into smaller posts and spread it out over several days. That way, people might actually read the thing. After this little introduction, I will cover clothing, food, gear and technique.

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U.S. Skimo. Nationals coming up!


Training Log - December 20-26

So, I was definitely tired at the end of last week. It was almost 18 hours of work and 26K of vertical skied. I look back and don't see an inordinate amount of intensity. I think the back to back 6 hour days had something to do with it. My sleep was also kind of crappy for part of the week. Whatever. I needed some rest. I decided to take an additional day off. This also helped me manage some social responsibilities.

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Skin Tech Tips II - Dynafit mod.

For ski mountaineering racing and speed touring, Dynafit has been at the forefront of innovation for years. Long ignored by the American market while we obsessed with that silly red-headed stepchild of skiing, telemarking, (btw, I was one of those lost souls for about 23 years!), Dynafit has really come into their own lately, slowly grabbing the lion share of the market with super-light bindings, skis, skins and, now, the must have boots for touring, the TLT 5 Performance.

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