Buck North Face Trilogy

L to R - Bubblefun, Newc, Northwest Couloirs - Photo: Lansworth Johnson

Here is a trip report on a recent trip in the Tetons. My crude attempt at a video is at the bottom for those who can't handle my story telling. Enjoy.

Like any ski mountaineer, I have a list of objectives to ski in the Tetons. The North Face of Buck Mountain holds two of the more compelling lines in range, the Newc and Bubblefun Couloirs. Seen from the north, any skier's eyes are immediately drawn to them.

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Desolation Wilderness Tour

Corn o'plenty, Desolation Wilderness, Sierra Nevada, CA.Once in a while, it's nice to get out of town and travel to other ranges to be reminded just how sweet the Tetons are. My wife and I traveled to Northern California last week for both business and a holiday. I skied in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada early on the trip and we rode our bikes a lot in Sonoma County toward the end. In between was a three day stop in Carson City/Lake Tahoe to ride and ski there.

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Terminal Cancer Couloir

Terminal Cancer CouloirTerminal Cancer Couloir. The first time I saw a picture of this ski line I couldn't look away. It's one of the most striking runs anywhere. I wasted an hour googling it and watching YouTube videos. Terminal Cancer quickly rose to the top of my hit list.

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Fast and Light Binding Review Update

Plum Guide touring bindingI did a little more work on my previous binding review. This includes some race bindings as well as some slicker speed touring options. I have included more detail on weights, as well. - Brian

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Nez Perce Trifecta

The north face of Nez Perce. East and West Hourglass CouloirsA few years ago, Steve Romeo and I set out early one snowy morning with the intention of skiing the Nez Perce Trifecta - a link-up of the Sliver, East Hourglass and West Hourglass Couloirs. We hauled a couple of ropes and some hardware up Garnet Canyon prepared for anything except for the thigh deep powder we encountered. We bailed. Steve got the mission done last year with a different partner but the project has remained on my list since that first attempt. 

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