30/30 Intervals Revisited

A couple of years ago, Mark Twight from Gym Jones introduced me to the 30/30 interval workout. Go hard for 30 seconds, go easy for 30 seconds. Repeat. Or so I thought. Although I came to really like this workout, it turns out that I really did not understand the concept and performed them incorrectly. It's no wonder that I liked them as much as I did. Going really easy during the rest interval allows for decent recovery and makes you feel pretty damn strong during the work bouts. I don't think performing them in this fashion is a complete waste of time but, as you will see, performing them correctly is a different beast.


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A Better Week

Touring in the "dead zone"

Not so long ago, I wrote a piece back-handedly dismissing heart rate-based training for all but the most novice athletes. I admitted the utility of the heart rate monitor (HRM) in this group of individuals, particularly those who are being coached remotely. But for the rest of us "experienced" competitors (ahem!) HRMs were unnecessary.

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Luke Nelson Interview

Below is a recent interview with Restwise and La Sportiva sponsored athlete, Luke Nelson.

At the North American Ski Mountaineering (”Skimo”, to the initiated) National Championships held in Jackson Hole in early January, conditions were epic, with near-whiteouts in gale force winds meeting racers at the top of the legendary Corbett’s Couloir. Restwise athlete Luke Nelson gutted it out to a fantastic 2nd place, confirming his fast-growing reputation as the young gun to watch, and earning his first invitation to the World Championships. Between recovering from that effort and prepping for World’s, we had a chance to catch up with this rising star.

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Bozeman Race Data

Last week's Bridger Bowl skimo race in Bozeman marked my second event using my Suunto heart rate monitor.

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Bozeman Bridger Bowl Race Report

That felt better. Who knows why? With the new Suunto computer on board, my training is evolving significantly so it's impossible to know what made the difference. Hell, it's only two races. I could have just had a good day yesterday or a bad one at the Jackson race. No way to tell. I need more time and data to make any sense of it. On it goes…

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