Training Log - November 29 - December 5

The third week of training went fairly well with only a conditions-induced hiccup buying me an extra day off on Thursday. I also tested my dedication, forgoing the office Christmas party for training late into the evening on Friday night. I found myself doing two laps up Old Pass Road after a late night at work on a gorgeous night with lots of fresh pow.

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VO2 Max Intervals

Now that I'm in the thick of my preparation for the upcoming US Ski Mountaineering National Championships, I've been giving a lot of thought to the various training intensities I need to visit during the training week. Visitors to this site have read plenty about my opinions regarding this stuff. One aspect of conditioning I have not formally covered is the topic of what most physiologists call VO2 max intervals.

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Training Log - November 22-28

Real training week #2 down and it went as planned. With a vacation week at hand, I wanted to get some volume first and some intensity second. I accomplished both without killing myself. I think most of this is due to the fact that I went easy when the plan called for doing so. And this is the trick that most skiers will have to master if they want to increase their performance whether for racing or just getting faster on certain tours.

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Training Log - November 15-21

I am fully poaching the idea for this post from Jared at SLC Samurai. I'm sure most readers are at least slightly curious about what we are actually doing in training when we're not writing about it. Putting it here will create at least one post each week and may provide a spring board for more in-depth pieces when ideas are scarce.


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Intensity Timing

One of the faithful posted a comment/question regarding the last article on skimo training. As is my habit, I will answer the question here in a follow-up post as I think most readers will find the answer helpful in working through the details of their own programming.

Alright....back to skimo training! (nothing against cycling). One thing I'd like to hear your opinion on.....what days do you think its appropriate to do lactate workouts (like leg blasters, 3x30 squats, etc)? Combined with leg days at the gym? After a speed/interval session? Also, how many times a week do you think this kind of training is beneficial?

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