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2013 U.S. Ski Mountaineering National Championships 

For the first time in a few years I missed the national skimo race in Jackson. I mainly did because I dreaded the idea of racing hard at 10,000 feet while coming from sea level. I know some of the Montana and Canadian boys do something close to that but they're tougher than me. 

Through the years I've never been comfortable racing "off the couch" or being unprepared for an event. If I'm going to put myself out there competitively, I want to do so with all guns blazing. No excuses on the line. With the kind of winter we've had here in AK, proper preparation has been impossible. 

So, I sat this one out but I was there in spirit getting the play by play on the website. It was an awesome event. The field just keeps getting deeper. 

Andy Dorais posted his take on the race here and I encourage you guys to check it out for the blow by blow. 

BTW, his brother Jason is going to win that race in the next couple of years. He nearly did last weekend. But his plate has been full lately with getting married (wahoo!), moving and doing the usual no-sleep thing pulling overnight shifts in the E.R. as a resident in training. Not exactly optimal lead up to the big event. But when he can dial it in for the day, he's going to be unstoppable. Mark my words.

Anyway, great job to everyone who got out there and suffered through a tough course and 8K vert.