Fueling On The Go

Part of moving quickly in the mountains is maintaining energy levels. Forget to eat and you won't be going anywhere too fast for too long. In a race, this can be devastating but it can also suck on any long tour. Now, if you're the kind of skier that brings along some tasty turkey sandwiches, a big bag of trail mix and a couple of your favorite chocolate bars, well, you might as well stop reading right here. But if you've been experimenting with modern endurance fuels, carbohydrate gels and blocks, and you like what they do for you then read on.

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Feathering the Throttle

25 Short, Turkey Chute, Maverick tour profile, GTNPI am a self-confessed reluctant adopter of performance monitoring technology. I even wrote a piece on my "anti-technology" feelings here. But I will admit, now that I've been using my Suunto T6 for awhile, I really enjoy poking around the data. For someone who blogs about this stuff, using these devices gives me stuff to talk about.

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Getting Serious

It's been a productive but not too structured fall. I was roller skiing and running regularly with an eye towards the Ski Mountaineering National Championships here in Jackson in early January. That races shows up early on the calender and it's hard to feel completely ready for it.

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Skin Maintenance

With a new season upon us, back country skiers everywhere are digging through their closets and bringing season-appropriate gear back to the front and getting stuff like mountain bike equipment out of the way. Seems like we forget where we put the beacon, shovel, repair kit, etc. Of course, skins are part of the search and, once found, a quick inspection often reveals crappy skin glue that you can no longer ignore.

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Zipper Modification for Light Gear

Outdoor Research Centrifuge JacketOne of the problems about favoring light gear, clothing included, is that every aspect of the gear is light. This includes the zippers. With light zippers comes small zipper pulls, not something I relish in winter clothing where tugging on these things often involves gloved hands. This usually leads to some low-level cursing and removal of gloves to get the job done.

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