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Powder Keg 2013

Get your race mojo on and show up at Brighton Resort next weekend for the annual Powder Keg. This is one of the best races of the season and one of the longest running events in U.S. skimo racing. After a lengthy stint over at Alta it almost went MIA until Chad and the folks at Brighton stepped up and saved the race from extinction. They have a great crew of volunteers and put on a quality event. Clearly, they've kicked it up a notch this year with the addition of the Sprint event on Friday and the Technical Teams race on Sunday. They're gettin' all Euro on us! This can only serve to grow the sport.

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Grassroots AK Skimo Racing

Alaska is certainly known for it's skiing with plenty of ski porn featuring epic Chugach descents. But Lycra clad lungs on sticks? Not so much. I think there's been a few uphill races at ski areas up here over the years but nothing like a formal skimo race. Well, that's about to change this weekend as Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking is set to put on the first race this weekend.

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Bridger Bowl Skimo Race Report

Last weekend a crew of Jackson skimo racers descended upon Bozeman for the annual Bridger Bowl Skin to Win Randonee Rally. This is one of the country's longest running events and is typically a fun and well-organized race. This year was no different although the weather conspired to make the day more trying than previous editions.

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Skimo Programming and Non-Training Stress 

photo: Mark GockeAs I have asserted many times in these pages, it takes about 15 hours a week to bring out the best performances in a recreational endurance athlete. Professionals typically train 20-30 hours but lack the other stressors in their lives like real jobs that add to the total physiologic and psychologic stress load. This "non training stress" (NTS) is something the majority of recreational athletes fail to recognize and consider when developing training programs. Any advising coach who fails in this regard is doing a huge disservice to their clients.

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Trab Skin Attachment Mod

It's one thing to carve up your own gear but entirely another to permanently modify someone else's. I recently took a Dremel Tool to a brand new pair of skis which I purchased for a friend last spring. He lives in Europe much of the year and wanted me to pick out and buy a pair of skis for him during one of the end-of-the-season sales we have in Jackson. So, I found a pair of sweet Trab Stelvios for about 40% off. Although nice right our of the box, they still needed some refinement. 

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