The weekend of pain is over!  No more laps.  No more nausea.  Really, those are the only two things I dreaded during the event.  Of course, the laps were expected.  The gut issues were not.  Neither were insurmountable problems, however, and both were dealt with as a matter of course.  We had to keep ticking off the laps to stay in the race and we had to keep eating to keep skiing.  By the middle of the night, both were sucking heavily!

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Easy there all you net surfing gun nuts!  This is not for you.  I'm talking muscle glycogen here, not your spent shells from last weekend's Skeetapalooza!  Go away!

The day of reckoning is at hand.

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Two Day 20K

Just a week until 24 Hours of Sunlight.  I did this race with my now wife two years ago and we won the Duo Pro division.  It was not hotly contested and we were never really pushed.  All the pushing came from within and it was mostly fun getting that much vert.  This year, Dina, my wife, is doing the solo event and I'm doing the Duo again but this time with a male partner, Mike Werner.  He is a great skier and experienced rando racer but only has one day over 10,000 feet, ever!  Should be an interesting adventure for him.

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Stress Management

Stress.  Yeah, being a competitive athlete and having a real job is all about managing stress.  Some good, some not so good.  The competitive part is an important distinction.  It demands that the training MUST take place where as the recreational athlete can blow off a work out if other demands conspire against it.  When one faces a test against others or himself on a regular basis, coming to the line inadequately prepared creates consequences more ominous than getting the work done in the first place. 

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Whitefish Whiteout - race #2

Well, I had high hopes for the race this past weekend up in Whitefish, Montana.  Made the drive with Dina, my wife, on Friday night.  Freakin' cold Saturday morning.  I could tell right away during the warm-up that I was fatigued.  I don't know if it was a little less sleep or a little more training that week but I knew I was going to suffer a bit more. 

The gun went off...

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